A framework designed to bring structure and clarity to virtually any trading strategy.

Traders are often inundated with a range of strategies that are either ineffective as a standalone or benefit from the integration of other methods. Our program is designed to adapt to a spectrum of market behavior by dissecting prices at their root, and understand how they move from a basic sense that has not and will not change. Armed with an understanding of price action and volumes allows you to be flexible, active and exercise good reward to risk.

Our approach is unique and cannot be found anywhere else. We utilize a range of easy-to-understand methods than can be used as a standalone or in conjunction with other strategies. And if you need more, just request it. Our resources are vast and experience deep.


Chart literacy opens the gates to a wide range of possibilities in trading. Whether you are trading price action or volumes as a standalone strategy, implementing 3rd party strategies or using a rule-based system, having a unique knowledge of movements is a truly valuable asset. FXS covers a wide range of market movements, explained in a manner that is easy to comprehend and put to use on demand.


“How will this help others make money?” This is a question we ask ourselves every time we get on Skype with a member or assemble new content. The study of price action and volumes can either be considered very simple or very complex, depending on the trader. We take a intermediate approach which highlights the trading environment first, and use basic structures for precise entry. Trend following is emphasized as we realize it is a commonly misunderstood and difficult task to master. Patterns and environments are grouped into simple-to-process forms in order to stay on top of the market and forecast future movements.


Trading is not a skill that is learned overnight, and rarely within a few years without constant, hands-on support. Professional traders work in an environment in which the strategy is dictated and traders constantly surrounded by the process of either managing a portfolio or actively trading positions. One on one support is extended to every member, and oftentimes crucial in overcoming technical barriers and behavioral issues. You are encouraged to take advantage of this time as much as possible.


The modern FX market has a very different appearance than it did 10 years ago. Price matching technology has advanced and access to liquidity has become better than ever. In addition to covering liquidity mechanics and current structure, a breakdown of the fundamental drivers are included in this series, should you choose FX as an instrument to trade.

A lecture series is at the heart of this program with other features to enhance development. It is designed to emphasize chart literacy and the constant ease of navigation for any traded instrument.

We welcome traders of all sizes and of varying disciplines. If you have evaluated the platform and think you are ready to get going, please click here to do so.