Structure and Features

Deep content with an array of learning materials and extended support throughout your training process.


A robust, currently 86 lecture series is at the heart of this platform. Each section provides you with a video walkthrough of the topic discussed, as well as accompanying “quick views” and the slides used in the video presentation itself. The material on this site goes beyond theory and stem from many years of volume and price action application in both discretionary and algorithmic environments.

Good trading habits are very difficult to obtain without the market knowledge to back them. We therefore place specific emphasis on explaining what most traders simply cannot. A linear approach is used to provide such groundwork and bring much-needed structure to your trading routines. Our goals for you are as follows:

  • Lay a foundation in terms of market mechanics, which may be quickly verified and applied. Allow for an understanding of basic and advanced premises of supply and demand as well as best practices for identifying a trading environment.
  • Simplify and more precisely identify entry and exit points that follow positive reward to risk guidelines.
  • Identify more opportunity through enhanced chart literacy. Be able to understand the current environment and what is next.
  • Strengthen and bring structure to your macroeconomic knowledge and intermarket analysis in relation to price movements.
  • Utilize best practices for position sizing and all other risk-related principles. This is tied to an understanding of market movements just as much as it is to basic math.
Expertise In Brief
  • Price and volume-based analytics that emphasize trading environments and pinpointing price reversals / continuation through a simplified approach that uses natural movements and a series of basic structures present in all markets.
  • When available, volume / order flow used to gauge supply and demand increase and slowdown.
  • Unconventional approach. Material covered is not based on standard price/bar patterns but rather actual application of price action techniques.
  • 22 years of financial industry experience, 19 years trading, both institutionally OTC and on various US-based exchanges (primarily FX and futures).
  • Techniques may be crossed over/into other strategies, such as any exponential divergence, cycles, volume-based, etc.
  • 10 years of foreign exchange experience. This series has a section dedicated to it, primarily in relation to how macroeconomic data / events translate to price movements.

What’s Inside

Activity Wall

A Twitter-like homepage allows you to ask questions, share your trades, ideas, or just chat. We implemented a familiar backdrop in order to make it easy to share ideas and talk with others in realtime.

1-on-1 Calls

One on one calls are included to discuss any matters of your choosing. No cap. Typically last 1-2 hours each. This is generally where we see the highest amount of progress. Calls are highly encouraged but optional.

Video Lectures

Comprehensive videos outline key tenets of a properly constructed, fluid and consistent price action-based strategy, which may be used alone or in conjunction with other methods.

Printable Guides

Some of our concepts can be summarized in short form. While you are still learning, these cheat sheet references will allow you to view relevant concepts while you are trading.

Slide Galleries

Galleries are embedded in each lecture section, providing you with quick access to the supplemental slides used in the presentation.

Live Events

Live events are new feature. They’ll be recorded and posted. We’ll be holding several of these annually, on-demand, to cover a range of topics. Event calendar is posted in the members area.

Trading Methodology and Core Expertise

The primary trading style discussed is considered short term (daytrading) with the ability to hold long-term positions. Price action, as the result of volumes, and understanding chart behavior is the emphasis of discussions. These concepts, however, may be used across any chart resolution and easily adjusted to the demands of the individual trader.

We do not adhere to conventional methods because we have found them to be largely ineffective. While many of the terms used are conventional in nature, you will find the application to be drastically different compared to what most people have become accustomed.

Price action and volume analysis is studied by many but implemented properly by few. Methods described in books and on the internet can be loosely defined and oftentimes provide few indications as to the future direction of price.

We aim to explain price behaviors in plain english, allowing a trader to adapt to a range of environments while entering and exiting with precision.

Over the years, we have worked incredibly hard to understand volumes and price in a way that few others do. We realize that simple structures go a long way in terms of measuring crowd behavior and understanding where prices need to go next.

Who Is This For?

This series was initiated to help natural gas traders obtain better market timing for their fundamentally-driven ideas, yet has expanded to include a wide range of other topics and instruments. Our experience spans a range of markets, including Forex, Futures, Equities, Energy and Fixed Income, with derivative trading on Futures, Equities and Energy.

The content on this site is designed to help traders of many different disciplines.

While the bulk of discussions surround daytrading, fundamentally driven and quantitative traders can benefit. We work in what is traditionally a fundamentally driven market that respects technical rules, and still regularly consult with a traders who practice various methods of portfolio management/trading.

Other clients that have strictly technical backgrounds, but have yet to solidify either a routine or recognition of common price behaviors (eg what to expect) will perhaps benefit the most. Charts are our language and drive most of what we do.

The techniques described herein cover an array of concepts and techniques appropriate for trading all charted instruments. The emphasis is technical analysis with a backdrop in futures and foreign exchange, with which we have the most experience.

A Unique, One-of-a-Kind Platform

We would not have built this series if we did not think that we could do it better than the bulk of educational materials geared towards daytrading both in print and online. While most are built to excite an audience with mental preparation or other excuse-driven content, we are far more concerned with your bottom line.

Here, you will learn nothing about candlestick patterns, canned explanations of support and resistance, or other such ineffective means of market analysis.

A wide range of trading education platforms highlight theoretical or business-oriented content (explaining how “insiders” work or other materials that fail to conclude, etc.). And while it may all be interesting, it does not, in essence, help you to trade better.

Our methods are the result of years of exploration and active management. Like most experienced technical traders, we understood that measuring crowd behavior and chart literacy was the key to doing so. And while much has been written in terms of price action, few explanations satisfied our desire in terms of pinpointing reversals, or knowing what our possibilities were when price began displaying certain behaviors.

Technical analysis covers a very broad range of concepts. Most conventional forms of technical analysis are either based on prices themselves (as in the case of most exponentially calculated indicators) or use primarily ineffective methods for forecasting. Despite advances in execution / price matching technology, our framework covers what has always been and will not change.

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