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Flat Rate, No Recurring Fees

A one-time fee will give you access to site contents and lifetime support. No other series, upsells, or monthly subscriptions.

Professional Materials and Support

This platform was built for largely frustrated individuals requiring proper guidance and clear outcomes.

Supported by Thousands

Maintaining a blog for 14 years has allowed us to reach an audience we are very privileged to have.

What’s Inside

  • Active discussion board homepage. This is a Twitter/Facebook-like feed that allows for quick sharing, spreading ideas and asking questions. Charts, videos, templates and many other types of discussions are shared here.
  • Hundreds of accompanying slides, organized by topic
  • Lecture series consisting of 86 videos plus additional videos uploaded directly to the social feed.
  • Printable reference sheets are available for quick-to-explain concepts
  • Ongoing support is always available via the board, email or Skype.
  • Booking form for one on one calls.

How It Works

This platform is designed for flexibility. We all think differently, come from varying backgrounds and levels of experience. There is rarely a one size fits all solution, something with which we should all be well aware. This is why we engage in one-on-one calls. At the end of the day, it is where we have seen the highest degree of progress.

  • Get started by watching the lectures, reviewing examples, and begin gaining a better understanding how prices are created, why the move in the ways that they do, and how we can use what we know to project future movements.
  • Get involved and browse the discussions. Annotated charts, trades, ideas, documents and links are shared in the back-end of this site.
  • Optional but encouraged: Schedule your first call. Here is what to expect. Skype is used for screensharing. These are intro calls used to educate both sides on your level of experience as well as initial walkthroughs based upon this. If the market you trade is open, we’ll use live data.
  • Apply. Demonstrative and real-world trading are two completely different things, but concepts need to be learned before they can be assembled into an operable strategy. Newer traders tend to learn concepts on-the-fly and attempt to apply it instantaneously.
  • Follow-up calls are available to talk about progress. You’ll likely have questions based on the last call. We’ll answer those and move closer to identifying a sound approach.
  • Repeat. New topics will arise as older ones get fleshed out. Backtest your approach and identify strengths and weaknesses.

Ultimately, this is a time-saving resource that allows you to leverage experience and cut down on time spent on alternative efforts. I’ll work with you to create a process which is clear and measurable.

Ongoing Updates

The last major update was in November, 2023. This is ongoing to provide new focus groups centric on jobs and funding, as well as strategy testing and other experiments. The user end was modernized, speed optimized and gutted to provide a better experience. Booking form modified for better timeslots. Users are able to connect directly and chat in the discord, which we hope to have integrated directly to the site in the next month, so no other logins necessary. Numerous template and indicator filetype uploads were added. Research section will be integrated as well. A public changelog will be available as soon as possible.

Cost Breakdown

The cost of using this platform as well as all ongoing support is $597. It includes all materials, one-on-one support (Skype calls, email, etc.), as well as any enhancements or updates. There is more concern with quality versus rushing traders through like a revolving door, and so this site is priced according to an expected number of users, time based on an hourly rate and then the content itself. The charge is not determined by everyone individually based on x expected hours, but grouped by all hours, by all users together to remain fair when it comes to pricing.

This approach is unique because, in good faith, we have not seen evidence of others working consistently. There is no cap in place in terms of our time nor “lawyer model” being put to use. Please carefully evaluate the work in order to determine if it is appropriate for you. Time is made available surrounding regular trading sessions (details on contact times found in members area) and answering questions on a regular basis.

No sales gimmicks (monthly specials that never seem to end, future upsells, other courses, private mentoring sales, or over-promising hope attribution). Everything is included.

This platform was built for those who are frustrated or have otherwise been down a misguided path. Tailored content is delivered via one on one discussions. Overemphasis on psychology and other factors are frequently used as a crutch for those lacking proper strategy…this platform steers otherwise.

It is believed that every trader begins at a deficit and in many ways, must start from scratch.

Questions? Please see our top FAQ’s on our contact page.

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