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This platform was built for largely frustrated individuals requiring proper guidance and clear outcomes.


Maintaining a steady blog for over 8 years has allowed us to reach an audience we are very privileged to have.

  • Full video lecture series covering many facets of price action, volume, fundamental trading and beyond
  • Hundreds of accompanying slides, organized by topic
  • Reference booklets
  • Q&A board priority support access
  • Ongoing support available via board, email or phone / Skype



The cost of using this platform as well as all ongoing support is $527.  It includes all materials, one-on-one support (Skype calls, QandA board, email, etc.), as well as any enhancements or updates. We are more concerned with quality than rushing traders through like a revolving door, and so this site is priced according to an expected number of users, time based on an hourly rate and then the content itself.

There is no cap in place in terms of our time nor “lawyer model” being put to use. Please carefully evaluate the work in order to determine if it is appropriate for you. We make ourselves available surrounding regular trading sessions (details on contact times found in members area) and answering questions on a regular basis. You will find us both helpful and reasonable yet direct in terms of what you need to do in order to turn a regular profit.

No sales gimmicks (monthly specials that never seem to end, future upsells, other courses, private mentoring sales, or over-promising hope attribution).

Everything is included.

This platform was built for those who are frustrated or have otherwise been down a misguided path. Tailored content is commonly delivered via one on one discussions. Overemphasis on psychology and other factors are frequently used as a crutch for those lacking proper strategy…we steer otherwise.

We believe that every trader begins at a deficit and in many ways, start from scratch.

Questions? Please see our top FAQ’s on our contact page.