Please use the following form to contact us. For any presale questions, please refer to our FAQ found directly to the right (below on mobile devices) of this form. For any trading related questions, please use the Q&A board, for members (the option is there to ask a private question). Thank you.

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Are there any future payments to expect with this platform?

No. This is a one-time fee that will give you lifetime access to all ongoing updates and support.

Do you offer a free trial?

Due to the nature of the product we do not have a free trial. This is not a monthly subscription service.

How many lectures are there?

There are currently 50, with more slated for the upcoming weeks / months.

Do you have discounts? Student or otherwise?

We offer one way to receive a discount:

Referring friends, acquaintances or readers / viewers. For each friend referred, 20% is given back to you from the purchase price. Refer 3 clients and you will receive entry at no cost.

Please click here to view our referral program.

What is your refund policy?

This is an interactive platform and we do not generally offer refunds. Please evaluate the outline of material carefully and/or get a general feel for my work on my blog, which has been online for approximately 6 years. Refunds are only offered in extraneous circumstances, typically where a processing mistake or related instance, has been made.

Can I download any of the materials?

No, with the exception of reference booklets. We maintain a very strict Anti-Piracy policy which we do indeed pursue in cases of infractions. Unfortunately abuse it too rampant for us to allow it.

Where can I learn more about you or get a feel for your work?

We created a page dedicated to our background, listed here.

I don't trade FX and am only interested in the technical analysis component. Do you offer a reduced price without the FX info?

Unfortunately no, as the bulk of the pricing model includes support and time invested post series.

I am a beginner. Do you have anything geared specifically towards me?

The bulk of this material is intended to progress from a late-beginner proficiency into an advanced understanding of price and market behaviors. We do not have a section dedicated to nuts and bolts because it is so easily obtained elsewhere for free. We make best efforts to explain all concepts in plain english without confusing the student or letting /him/her know that “experience” is the only thing that will bail you out. Everything should be understood. Additionally, questions may be asked for additional guidance or ad hoc topics.