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This is where we have seen the highest amount of progress. Videos are relatively low on the scale of effective, comprehensive learning tools. People hire tutors when traditional classroom environments fail them. Everyone is a different type of learner. Everyone has a unique background in terms of their acquired knowledge. Everyone will trade differently and interpret concepts in their own unique way. Calls are far more efficient than emails or any other type of communication. We use Skype because it allows us to share screens and go over specifics. They save time for both us and the student.

The Structure and Features page outlines this, or you can watch a video walkthrough here.

The cost of this platform is based on the expected number of users divided by hours spent on each user (Skype calls, etc.), multiplied by an hourly rate. Based on the amount of time spent with each person we believe it is priced appropriately and fair. Some people take advantage of 4 skype calls, others only 1 or 2. In the end, it evens out.

We have never believed in charging large amounts of money for video content alone, when books can be obtained elsewhere for such a tiny fraction of the price. We have seen it all – other courses or training going anywhere from $500 up to $6,000, and (predictably) the ones charging the most also dramatically degrade in quality along the way. This is consistent and we have yet to see one case where this is not true.

We know very well who our customers are. They are enthusiasts, hold jobs in technology, healthcare, come from financial ops, etc., and are overall good people who deserve to be treated fairly. The only justification to significantly increase prices would be if we were serving businesses, which we rarely do.

There are currently 81. This number can be increased anytime and often, the number of videos is not immediately updated on the front end of this site.

There is no cap on these. We have some members who wish to take full advantage and frequently get on calls, while others prefer not to. This platform is set up in a way that is fair to both us and the student and ultimately, works out in the end.

No. This is a one-time fee that will give you lifetime access to all ongoing updates and support.

Due to the nature of the product we do not have a free trial. This is not a monthly subscription service.

Typically 1 – 2 hours.

No. We want people to be comfortable joining because they like the concept, instruction and method. Please evaluate the content and see if it is appropriate for you. If you have questions, please ask.

No, with the exception of reference booklets. We maintain a strict Anti-Piracy policy which we pursue in cases of infractions. Unfortunately abuse it too rampant for us to allow it.

The bulk of this material is intended to progress from an intermediate proficiency into an advanced understanding of price and market behaviors. We do not have a section dedicated to nuts and bolts because it is so easily obtained elsewhere for free. We make best efforts to explain all concepts in plain english without confusing the student or letting him/her know that “experience” is the only thing that will bail you out. Everything should be understood. Additionally, questions may be asked for additional guidance or ad hoc topics.

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