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Referring others allows you to receive a discount, gain free access to the platform or supplemental payment for your support of our work. We appreciate every visit to this site and treat all clients with the respect and professionalism they deserve.

FXS Analytics, LLC is an independent firm with its roots in New York and now based in Denver, CO. On this, our primary website, we offer a range of learning materials for a truly diverse group of individuals and institutions. We pride ourselves on exceptional delivery of content geared towards investors of all sizes interested in pursuing or honing an active day trading strategy.

Acquiring Free Access

Referrers who acquire 3 clients through our standard referral program have their choice of either receiving payment for doing so or receiving free access to the platform. If you have done this and wish for free access in lieu of payment, please contact us directly so we may grant you member privileges.

Joining as a Referrer

If you have a website, following on social media, or just know others that have an interest in our services then our standard referral program is the best fit for you.

Payment Schedules

FXS Analytics manages all payments for referrals via PayPal. We use a standard referral structure, which provides 18% of the total sale value.

Tracking Portal

As a referrer, you will have access to a unique portal through which you may view your stats. You are able to view total clicks, unique visitors and sales, request payment and more.

Referrers can have peace of mind knowing that:
  • We have a quality offering with unique materials
  • We are truly professionals, maintaining a good spirit and casual setting for learning, we are not deter from our ultimate objectives. Our experience is vast and exceeds the expectations of most individual traders.
  • We offer realistic means of looking at the markets without watering down materials with conventional methods that simply do not perform in common practice.
  • Outstanding support is offered. Each lesson is set up with a Q&A board which allows users to ask any questions they might have. We respond to each one within 24 hours.

Anything else? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer any other questions you may have.

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